About The Mayor

Mayor Blue Shirt.jpgAbout the Mayor

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs was sworn into office on January 1, 2011. Prior to being elected Mayor of Bryant Jill was a business owner/manager, community leader with many different organizations, and a dedicated volunteer. Her passion to volunteer was driven by her daughter’s passion to swim. Dabbs served as the President of the Bryant Barracudas Swim Team as it grew from 50 to well over 200 members and a board member for the Racers Swim Club, a USA age-level swim team, this led her to becoming a founding member of the People for Parks Committee, which was instrumental in the development of Bishop Park and the Bryant Aquatic Center. Dabbs is also an active supporter of Bryant Public Schools.

Mayor Dabbs innovative style of leadership focuses on the relevant change that is constant in Bryant. As Bryant continues to grow she is committed to maintain a city with a high quality of life standard that families, for future generations, will choose as a place to raise their children. Mayor Dabbs is committed to operating an efficient government that fulfills its obligation to the citizens it serves. This is being done by eliminating wasteful spending, utilizing modern technology, and a business model approach to operating local government. Connecting our local government better to the people it serves through communication, collaboration, and accessibility has already opened doors of opportunity for many volunteer organizations that are working together to bring out what is best in Bryant.

Since becoming Mayor, Dabbs has worked diligently to support, or help establish multiple community programs, to name a few: Restored the School Resource Officer Program to Bryant Public Schools, Keeping Bryant Beautiful, led by Meagan Vanderpool, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Healthy Bryant Coalition, established Bryant’s Mayor’s Office of Volunteer Services. Also under her leadership Bryant’s street construction and storm water management has been improved to insure quality infrastructure is put in place that will serve the residents for years to come reserving tax dollars to repair what is old, not what was poorly constructed. Construction projects are ongoing to alleviate future flooding of homes in Bryant. The public works department has been restructured to be more efficient, outsourcing all the cities engineering needs in order to insure quality work at a competitive price. The Information Technology department has also been outsourced bringing the cities technology resources and infrastructure into the 21st Century while saving thousands of tax dollars and providing a higher quality IT service. The aging police fleet was replaced in 2012 and a plan was put in place to fund future fleet needs. All of the above mentioned accomplishments were done within the budget without raising taxes.

Mayor Dabbs serves on the Municipal League Executive Committee for Workers Compensation 2012/2013, and in a leadership role to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. She is also a member of the Metro Plan Board, Bryant Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas Republican Party, Tusk Club, National League of Cities, Arkansas Recycling Coalition, as an Ex-Officio with the Bryant Boys and Girls Club, and a member of Little Rock Church.

Born on August 5, 1972, Mayor Dabbs is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Little Rock where she earned a Bachelor degree in Speech Communication. Dabbs lives in Bryant with her husband of 22 years Dr. Allan M. Dabbs and their two daughters Emily and Reagan.