Alcoa 40 Park

Location: 1110 Shobe Road, Bryant, Arkansas
Acreage: 40 acres

Facilities: Three existing softball fields, one pee-wee football/multipurpose field, one concession stand, bathrooms, meeting room, bridge and deck, paved parking, parking lot and field lighting, fencing, dugouts, press boxes, bleachers for football/soccer/multipurpose field.

In 1978, Alcoa Park was donated to the city by the Aluminum Company of America. The department received an Outdoor and Recreation Grant in 1997 to continue development of this property that included fencing, backstop, dugouts, bleacher, player dugout benches, lighting and asphalt walkways to the fields. The parks department built a bridge in the park to assist with navigation between the fields. In 2000, the department received an additional Outdoor and Recreation Grant to construct the lighted football/soccer/multipurpose field, walkways, moveable goal posts, fencing, bleachers, and benches.

Bryant Barkway Off Leash Trail is a 1/2 mile wooded trail located within the Alcoa 40 Park.  The Barkway is part of the City of Bryant's commitment to providing a community wide trail system.  This portion of the trail system allows dogts to be off-leash within the boundars of the Barkway , and for public safety, has some restricted use.