Water Billing Department


Ensure the citizens of Bryant are treated professionally and courteously at all times. Concerns are addressed timely and fairly.

Important Dates

Water Bills are mailed prior to the 15th of each month for the previous month's water usage.
If the bill is not received it is the customer's responsibility to notify this office. 

 25th  DUE DATE - All bills are due by 4:30 pm on the 25th of each month 
 PENALTYA 10% penalty is added to all bills not paid by 4:30 pm on the 25th 
 1st  PAST DUE - Past Due Notices are mailed on the first of each month 
 10th  LATE FEE A $25 fee will be applied to all bills not paid by 4:30 pm on the 10th.
 SHUT OFF - ​​All accounts unpaid by 4:30 pm on the 10th of each month will be subject to shut off on the 11th.  All charges must be paid in full for service to be restored. 

Payment Options

  1. Auto Draft - accounts are drafted on the 25th of month (no additional fee)
  2. On-Line Payment - Click Here
  3. Alternate Locations (Edward's or Walmart- Small Transaction Fee Charged)
  4. By Mail - 210 SW 3rd Street, Bryant, AR 72022
  5. Drop Box - located at City Hall and Goodwill (picked up daily between 7-8 A.M.)
  6. Walk Ins - Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover
  7. Pay by Phone ($5.00 fee)

                       Return Check Fee: $25.00 - ALL outstanding charges must be                     paid in full before service is restored. 

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Public Water System Services Fees to Increase

During the 92nd General Assembly of the Arkansas Legislature, House Bill 1737 was introduced to raise Public Water System Service Fees from $.30 per meter per month to $.40 per meter per month.  The new rate will become effective during the month of August and thereafter. To find out more you click HERE