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Bryant City Development Review Committee
Thursday, November 1st, 2018
9:00 a.m.
Bryant City Complex/Administration Conference Room


2707 Johnswood Village Drive

2707 Johnswood Village Drive - Requesting approval for Variance. 

Leah Ballard Construction

Requesting Recommendation for Variance 

601 North Reynolds Road

Requesting Site Plan Approval 

Grace Village Phase 2

Requesting Final Plat Approval 

Meadow Ridge Phase 4

Requesting Final Plat Approval 

Pinnacle Point

Pinnacle Point - Requesting revision approval of Master Transportation 

Arkansas Heart Hospital

Arkansas Heart Hospital - Requesting Site Plan Approval 

Wooded Creek Subdivision


Relyance Bank

Requesting Revision to Sign Permit Approval

Bryant Planning and Community Development Department

  1. Master Transportation Plan Change
  2. Zoning Code Changes

Permit Report