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Posted on: April 6, 2017

New Gateway Into Bryant

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City of Bryant, Saline County, Arkansas

Office (501) 943-0999

Media Release

From the Desk of Mayor Jill Dabbs


Bryant’s New Gateway Into the City is Now Under Construction.

If you have traveled I-30 recently you can’t miss the army of orange barrels lining up as the city’s newest project begins to take shape.

The “Bryant Parkway Ramp Project” has been in the planning phase for the past two years.  Beginning with the 2015 decision by the Bryant City Council to enter into a partnership with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to “fast track” the completion of new on/off ramps at Bryant Parkway.

When completed the Bryant Parkway Ramp Project will add new on and off-ramps to both east and westbound lanes on I-30, providing direct access to and from Bryant Parkway.  The work will consist of removing the existing median barrier wall, installing new drainage, building new foundations for the sign structures, paving and the installation of a new concrete median barrier wall. It is anticipated that the project will be completed within 125 calendar days from start, which will time the project ending in July.  The contract was awarded to Kiewit Infrastructure South Company who will have around 35 workers on site during the peak of construction times.

Mayor Dabbs stated, “This project means more positive growth for Bryant. It’s completion will improve current street connectivity and relieve traffic congestion at exit 123/Reynolds Rd, lessening  commute time, and improving public safety response times.  In addition the completion of this project could not be more timely as it  will ease the construction pain of widening highway 5 through Bryant.”

Adding the ramps will also open many opportunities for economic development within the city, giving access to the undeveloped commercial property that fronts I-30, additional access to the businesses along Highway 5 as well as connecting to the airport property and south Reynolds once Bryant Parkway South is completed.

For questions about this project you can contact the mayor’s office at 501-943-0302.

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