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KBB Application for Affiliate

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  2. (ALL volunteers will complete a liability waiver per project.)

  3. Keep Bryant Beautiful asks that you consider becoming an affiliate/volunteer member of the organization. Affiliate members would be contacted for service to assist in the completion of specific projects, related to the Keep Bryant Beautiful mission. NOTE: Students also are eligible to participate as volunteers.

  4. Keep Bryant Beautiful is an affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful organization. As such, it is part of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful family. The Bryant affiliate has received a 501c3 designation from the IRS as a non-profit, charitable organization.

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  6. If you are willing to volunteer with Keep Bryant Beautiful, please complete the following:

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  8. (Please note that volunteer experience is not required.)

  9. You may complete this application online, send it by email or send a paper copy. Please forward completed application to: Ebonee Scott for Keep Bryant Beautiful, 6401 Boone Road, Bryant, AR 72022

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