Go Green


The City of Bryant is ready to “GO GREEN”. During the last two years, every city department has done something to operate more efficiently by implementing new technology or software that has reduced the amount of ink and paper that was once needed.

Citywide we have cut budgets across the board for printing. As a result we are
re-purposing those funds to do more community outreach than ever before. In a collaborative effort we are also making strides in the area of recycling that the citizens want and have asked for. We would like to share our great news with the citizens of Bryant and the surrounding communities.

“Bryant, Arkansas can be a model city for the rest of the state and even the nation,” says Dan Burden, Executive Director and Co-founder of Walkable and Livable Communities Institute stated that Bryant,

We are proud to announce that the goals have been set in motion for the City of Bryant to become just that!


City employees no longer have to sort their recyclables thanks to Saline County Solid Waste Management District. The City just received bigger and better recycle buckets in which we can place paper, plastic, and aluminum all in one container.

Our goal is to become a zero waste City Hall building within a few weeks of initiating the new GO GREEN policy. In order to help everyone with this effort, employee’s personal offices within City Hall will no longer have trash cans in them. Offices will only have a recycle bucket for paper, aluminum, and plastic. All non-recyclable items must be taken to a central trash can location in specified areas of the building. This includes Styrofoam products, food, and gum etc...

Additionally, the other facilities throughout the city have been challenged to implement this building recycle policy as well. The departments have been tasked with identifying how many recycle buckets they will need from SCSWMD, and devise a plan to properly dispose of their recyclables. For now, some of the departments will have logistical challenges to implementing the new policy due to not having a single stream recycle receptacle in their parking lots.

Currently, Parks and City Hall are the only locations within the City of Bryant that have these receptacles. However, the good news is we will soon see new recycle bins in the parking lot that are single stream "no sorting" for all city departments and residents to use. For the time being all recyclables may be placed in the paper only bin, per SCSWMD.

Click here for statements from the Administration for each of the departments in the City:

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