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 The Bryant Yard Waste Program Details

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The Bryant Yard Waste Program picks up weekly, each Tuesday. Approved items for pick up are as follows: shrubs, rootballs with no dirt, branches, and trees cut less than 6 ft long, along with leaves and grass trimmings bagged in paper bags. 
We cannot pick up: treated lumber, treated wood, rocks, or synthetic mulch. 

You MUST create a ticket for us to know you’re ready for pick up.  Simply click below on the Report a Concern link and complete with your information.  For questions regarding this program, please contact the city at 501-943-0999.  

Bryant Parks
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Parks need attention? Send us the
details, we will get right on it!
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Code Enforcement
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We want to know what you know!
Tell our Code Enforcement Officers
where to look next.
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Animal Control
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Until then, call us with your concern 943-0489

Bryant Police Department
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The Bryant Police Department accepts
crime tips on-line. This form should only
be used for non-emergency tips. If you
wish to report an emergency or urgent
incident, please call 9-1-1.
Click HERE to Report Your Online Crime Tip