Swim Lessons

Swim Babies

This class is offered for children ages 6 months-3 years.

A great class for adults to get in the water with their little ones, to help them grow familiar with the water.  

This class meets once a week for 5 weeks. Each class is a 30 minute session. 

Preschool Swim

Level 1 and level 2 swim offered for children ages 4-5.

Classes will meet twice a week for 4 weeks. Each class is a 30 minute session.

Swim Lessons

Offered for all swim levels. 

Classes will meet  twice a week for 4 weeks. Each class is a 45 minute session. 

Level 1-Swimmers learn the basics of buoyancy, breathing, kicking, and swim techniques.

Level 2- Swimmers work on freestyle, backstroke, and learn basic water safety skills.

Level 3-Swimmers practice rotary breathing skills while building endurance with freestyle.They will also work on backstroke, elementary backstroke, treading water, and head first entries. 

Level 4-Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke. They will learn competition starts, and introduced to flip turns. 

Level 5- Swimmers are introduced to competitive swimming, rules and regulations, and higher technique work for all four competitive strokes. 

Level 6-Advanced swimming drills and skills. Swimmers will be evaluated by an AAU or USA Certified Coach in order to graduate from swim school. 

Bryant Parks and Recreation offers a variety of private, and semi private swim lessons. Various levels of lessons are offered beginning with level 1 swim. 

Please contact the Aquatics department if you have any questions regarding swim lessons. Instructor approval may be necessary for some classes. If you have any questions, please contact us

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Swim levels