Mills Park

Mills Park Nature Trail

1003 Mills Park Road, Bryant, Arkansas,
80 acres

Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, concession building, maintenance building (pool), restrooms, three pavilions, playground, outdoor basketball court, outdoor tennis courts, practice fields, and walking/biking trail.

FACTS: In 1971, Reynolds Metal, a mining company, dedicated an 80-acre park to Bryant. The efforts of Warren Bass, Mayor Dean Boswell, Jr., Wesley Brown, and Congressman Wilbur Mills made the park a reality. The park was named after Congressman Mills. Improvements such as double tennis courts, showers for the swimming pool, a riding area, and a pavilion were then planned. Everything but the pavilion was completed by 1973. In 1968, John Odom established the first riding club in Bryant. He later broadened his riding areas to Mills Park. In addition to riding areas, a walkway with endangered plants showcased alongside it was added. Throughout the years, volunteers have helped to make Mills Park what it is today.