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Posted on: October 13, 2021

Important Bryant Water Billing Information

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Over the past few months, Mayor Scott has been updating residents, via the city newsletter, information on the current Water Metering System Software Upgrade. 

We want you to know we hear you, and understand how frustrating this process has been.  

Previously, over half of the city water meters were not automatically reporting to our billing system, requiring estimations and manual reads for our customers. 

We realize how inconvenient this can be, and stressful for both residents and employees as we work together through this process. 

This month you should see the following statement on your invoice: 

"We appreciate your patience over the past few months as the city worked as quickly as possible to update our water metering software system. Unfortunately, during this transition, we realize some of our customers received invoices based on estimations, which caused some confusion throughout this process. 

As of this billing statement,  all estimations have ceased, and your water bill should reflect your correct billing, including any adjustments or credits- if applicable. However, IF YOU FEEL THERE IS STILL AN ERROR, please let us know by contacting our office at 501-943-0441 and speaking with one of our billing representatives".

What does this mean? 

If your water billing usage was estimated during the course of this project, your statement this month should read a corrected adjusted amount (either in the positive, or the negative) that should place you at your current correct usage.

 If you do not believe this is correct, please call us.  Our customer service representatives will be glad to research and discuss further or to make payment arrangements if needed. 

Because we still have several meters not reading,  some of our customers may have received a minimum bill from us.  Please keep in mind that means your future billing will be adjusted once your meter is read. 

While this project had to be completed due to the number of non-working software nodes, we know it has placed a great stress on the Bryant Water Billing Department, the Water Department, and you, our residents. 

We have given our best effort working with the company we are contracted with, doing all that we could do to move this project along as quickly as possible.  The process is improving, but it is certainly not great.  Deadlines have still been missed, and communication is still a struggle.  We are escalating our concerns through their senior management and will continue to press for a higher level of service for our residents.  We know we will have similar issues next month and will share any information we have with our residents, council, and committees as quickly as possible.  

Again, we appreciate your understanding during this project, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ongoing issues or concerns with your billing.

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