Registration Fees
$5.00 for spayed/neutered (sterilized) dogs and cats
$7.50 for intact (not sterilized) dogs and cats

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1. Where are you located?
2. What hours are you open?
3. Why do I need to license my pet?
4. How do I license my pet?
5. Registration Fees
6. How much do you charge to spay/neuter my pet?
7. What is a microchip?
8. Where can I get a microchip for my pet?
9. How much does it cost to adopt a pet?
10. My pet is lost. Can you find it?
11. A dog (or cat, horse, raccoon, any mammal) bit me. What can I do?
12. My dog just got attacked by another dog. Can you come out and “arrest” the vicious dog?
13. Who picks up dead animals?
14. Can I volunteer at the shelter?
15. How do I report animal cruelty or dog fighting?
16. I need to report a stray dog running loose in my neighborhood. What can I do?
17. I would like to invite Bryant Animal Control & Adoption Center to my homeowners’ association meeting or Neighborhood Watch. How do I do that?
18. My neighbor’s dog barks all the time and I can’t get any sleep. What can I do?
19. There are stray cats/dogs all over in my neighborhood. Can you come trap them?
20. I found a stray dog/cat. Now what do I do?
21. I’ve seen some bobcats/coyotes in my neighborhood. Are you going to remove them?
22. Can I have chickens or guineas in my backyard?